You are Striver, Brenna's Ranger. You achieved that the hard way. On your journeys you will encounter beasts from slavic, germanic and nordic mythology. Prepare for the obstacles, choose your skill set. Become a mighty warrior, durable survivor, wise loremaster or combine any of their abilities. In this world you don't fight to kill. You do it to survive in the long run. Uncautious decisions will bring you pain, trauma and lasting physical or mental wounds. Stay vigilant. How will you encounter enemies and resolve conflict to make it all the way to the end of your quest?

Striver was a hunter from his early years of life. As a teen he fought in Lord Mainfryd’s warrior company. Those were harsh times of axes, swords, traumatic events, deceptions, ambushes and trickery. Many of Strivers friends did not make it.

Predatory animals and hostile tribes are not the most dangerous threat in these days. Nights became longer and their sounds disconcert even the company's warriors.